This activity will teach children/students how to create Milk Carton Dice they can use to play math games with friends.

Start the activity by cleaning out and drying off several 2L milk cartons – as many as is necessary so each child doing the activity can make at least two dice.

Cut three sides of the milk carton down to 3 ¾ inches from the bottom and discard the top. Then cut the fourth side of the carton 7 ½ inches from the bottom. You will have created a box, with one flap that is longer than the rest.  

Fold down the long flap and tape it to the edges of the carton. This will create a cube.

Now that the shape of the die is complete, it can be covered in construction paper or contact paper. The students can now draw the dots which represent the number values on the die. Dots on opposite faces of the die should always add up to seven; so be sure to pair the numbers like this – (1,6) (2,5) (3,4). The children can follow the same instructions to create a second die, and instead choose to draw numbers instead of dots.

This activity will reinforce the child's understanding of common mathematical solids – nets are featured as tools for representing shapes in two dimensions.