How to Draw a Person

Most kids can draw stick people fairly easily, but drawing pictures of real people can be a bit tougher. This activity will teach kids how to draw realistic pictures of people, just by using the oval. Here's how:

Start by drawing an oval about the size you want a person's head to be, on a piece of paper. Then leave a space below the head for a neck (see drawing below for the correct proportions), and draw 7 more ovals in a line straight down. This will become the body – it works because everyone is about 8 of their own heads in height.

Our trunk, or chest is about 2 heads tall. Create this by drawing a bigger oval that circles the first two ovals you drew vertically below the neck.

Next, draw two ovals horizontally below the neck to make the shoulders. Our shoulders are about 2 head lengths wide.

Now for the legs. Starting directly below the trunk, draw two more vertical ovals to create hips. From our waist to our knees we are about 3 heads tall. And from our knees to our feet we are about 2 heads tall.

Now just add in straight lines for the arms, hands, legs and feet, and your person will really take shape!

Kids can try making one that looks just look them; or have them draw one for Uncle Norm, Alanna, and Kevin and they can have their own drawing of the entire Prime Radicals gang!

This activity will reinforce the use of indirect measurements as a tool for establishing reasonable estimates for body part dimensions, and the utility of widely used non-standard measures.