Napkin Holder

Need a place for those errant napkins that your kids or students leave all over the classroom, kitchen or bathroom? These instructions will teach children how to create a napkin holder using a recycled cereal box, so they have a cool place to store them.

Start by encouraging your child/student to have a bowl of their favourite cereal. As Uncle Norm would say, it's always good to work on a full stomach! Once your cereal box is empty, throw out the plastic bag inside and set aside the cardboard box part for later.

Next, find an old envelope and open it up so that it looks like a house shape. Using your empty cereal box, place the envelope on the bottom left corner and trace around the envelope. This will give you the house shape for your napkin holder. Turn the box around, and do the same thing, only this time place the envelope on the bottom right corner. This will ensure you have drawn the house shape on the same side, front and back on the cereal box.

Use scissors to help your student or child cut out around the house you have created. Make sure to keep the bottom of the box intact! This is where your napkins will sit.

Now the fun part! Using paints (with a little bit of glue mixed in to help it stick to the shiny cereal box), decorate the napkin holder to look like a house. Encourage the kids to make one like their own house, their grandparents' house, or like the Rads' Clubhouse!

Be sure to let the paint dry! Now the kids will have a cool napkin holder they can give to their friends as a gift, or use to brighten up their kitchen table! Radical!

This activity will reinforce the child's understanding of common mathematical solids – nets are featured as tools for representing shapes in two dimensions.